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Camden Community Radio

In a new series for Camden Community Radio, Aysen Soyer discusses some of the most common questions that she gets from her clients.

1) Getting a divorce

For the first episode, Aysen Soyer discusses getting a divorce, covering the full process from start to finish, and whether you need to consult a lawyer.

2) Divorce and children

For the second episode, Aysen Soyer discusses how it is decided who takes care of children after a divorce. It may be that the parents simply decide it outside of court, that a disagreement leads to formal proceedings, or a family member gets involved if they believe the children are not being properly cared for.

3) Parental responsibility

For the third episode, Aysen Soyer discusses parental responsibility, who can be granted it, how to get legal help if the authorities get involved, and whether to change birth certificates if you get married after your child is born.

4) Financial settlement

For the fourth episode, Aysen Soyer discusses the process of reaching a marital settlement. While relatively quick and easy if the two parties agree, any disagreement will lead to a longer and more costly court proceeding.