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Believe in justice for all

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Goldinne Opoku-Agyemann

Solicitor Apprentice

direct line: 020 8275 4390


Goldinne is a solicitor apprentice in our Public Law department and is currently undertaking a six-year long Solicitor Degree Apprenticeship with the University of Law.

Goldinne studied Spanish, English and Philosophy at A-level. She particularly enjoyed Philosophy as she has always been interested in the concept of morality and ethics, which explains her passion for public law.

Goldinne is definitely a firm believer in ‘Justice for all’ and she likes to take initiative instead of watching from the side lines. Following the death of George Floyd in May 2020, Goldinne decided to join Hackney Youth Parliament and directly combat institutional racism. She was involved in a campaign to help young black people to understand their rights and what they can do or say when being stopped and searched by the police. She is passionate about working to improve her community and fighting for those who need it, and about holding authority to account and standing up for justice, making her a perfect fit for our Public Law department.

Goldinne assists the department in all areas of its work and has a particular interest in actions against the police.