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Wilsons: Ellie Butler Inquest

Date posted: 12 April 2018

We said at the beginning of this inquest that our primary concern was achieving justice for Ellie, and peace for our client Neal Gray. We are therefore deeply disappointed at the coroner’s verdict, which appears to leave so many questions unanswered.


This inquest sought to identify whether and where the agencies who should have been protecting Ellie might have fallen short, and what changes might be required to prevent any other child being so tragically failed by the system. Sadly, that has not been achieved.


We had hoped that the verdict would provide some semblance of closure for our client, Neal, who has behaved with dignity throughout this nightmarish ordeal, and we are saddened that no closure has been delivered.


We look forward to receiving the Prevention of Future Death Report, and in the meantime we will take stock and consider what steps, if any, are in the best interests of our client, Neal.