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Wilsons becomes a permanent drop-off point for the Bike Project

Date posted: 6 September 2019

Wilsons is proud to be continuing our involvement in supporting the Bike Project’s important and exciting work providing asylum seekers and refugees with bicycles. We’re now a permanent drop-off point for unwanted bikes, which the Bike Project will then refurbish and put to good use.


Providing bicycles to asylum seekers and refugees can be an enormous source of support because it provides a means of transport which is completely free. The asylum support rate for a single person in London is £37.75 per week.  Meeting transport costs and such on an extremely limited budget is basically impossible.


You can find out more about the bike project (and how to support their work) here.


The Bike Project also provides cycling lessons, safety equipment such as helmets and they are also involved in training mechanics.


Your unwanted bikes are very much needed! Please contact Katy Robinson on direct line 020 8885 7994 or email if you would like to arrange to drop one off, Monday to Friday within office hours.