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What happens at my asylum appeal?

Date posted: 28 November 2018

Asylum Aid have produced an interesting and helpful video explaining what happens at an asylum appeal in the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal.


The video has neutral animation presentation and gives an excellent overview of the appeal process. It lasts just under 13 minutes.  There are lots of handy hints to help with preparation for the appeal, such as how to get travel costs to court if you are in Home Office accommodation and carefully preparing the witness statement.  The video gives a good profile of what happens on the day of the appeal and the role of the different people involved in the appeal hearing.  There is a very timely reminder that it can be extremely hard for asylum seekers to hear their life being discussed in a court.  But there is also a recognition that it can be a good feeling to “have your say”.


We recommend having a look at the video if you are facing an asylum appeal and the video can be seen on YouTube here.


The video is currently only available in English, but there are plans to make it available with subtitles in a number of other languages.


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