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Profile of the week

Muhunthan Paramesvaran


I joined Wilsons in 1999 and have worked in the Immigration department since then. I became a partner in 2010.

Your Week  

I had a great start to this week as my client’s appeal was allowed in open court partially due to the Home Office failing to provide any evidence to substantiate their case.

I am currently advising individuals, NGO’s and a local authority on a mixture of cases involving different human rights, family and business immigration matters.

I am advising on complex ILR claims based on the ten year rule. One client has a potentially difficult ILR application because he was outside the UK for longer than is allowed under the rules. These absences were on compassionate grounds. Another client was unlawfully refused in a previous application and now her ILR claim is prejudiced because of a mistake by the Home Office. We are arguing that the Home Office should exercise their discretion so that our clients’ cases are treated in a just and fair way.

This week I have been approached by an NGO for help with a prospective Court of Appeal application. We are looking at challenging a recent country guidance determination on behalf of the NGO who was a party to the appeal in the Tribunal. The country guidance helps courts decide what conditions are like in different countries. If these determinations are wrongly decided there is a risk that nationals of these countries could be returned to situations where their lives are at risk or where they will face ill treatment.

I am also advising a businessman in Dubai on a prospective application under Tier 1 of the Points Based System. He came to Wilsons because he wanted a firm that understood his needs. He is eager to enter the UK as an entrepreneur and required assistance with the complex legal and documentary requirements of Tier 1.

I attended a representative from a local authority asking for advice on an immigration matter. The local authority had parental responsibility for a child who is now an adult. He has aspirations to become a successful musician. I am advising the local authority on applying for leave to remain for this person on the basis of his length of residence in the UK and his other links to this country.


I was recently appointed to the Law Society Immigration Law Committee. In this role I am looking forward to having a wider influence on this area of law. I am looking forward to responding to the massive legislative changes which are on the horizon and will affect everyone subject to immigration control.  This week I will be representing the Law Society Committee at a Bail workshop at the Immigration Tribunal at Field House.

The Future

Next week my trainee, Chloe Spaven, completes her training contract. We are very happy to report that Chloe will remain with Wilsons in the Immigration department as a qualified solicitor.