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The London Legal Walk

Date posted: 6 May 2016

On 16th May 2016 over 25 members of staff at Wilson Solicitors LLP will be taking part in the ‘London Legal Support Trust’ annual Legal Walk’


This is a fundraising event that Wilson Solicitors have committed to over the last four years.


So why are we walking?


‘Access to justice should be equally available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. This principle is at the cornerstone of the legal justice system.

The London Legal Support Trust works to support law centres and legal advice agencies in London and the South East by providing them with grant funding alongside other forms of support. We do this by holding large fundraising events, most notably the London Legal walk, and then delivering the funds raised to the agencies where they are most needed through grant rounds. They offer knowledge and experience of the sector to help the agencies to become more sustainable and help to partner them with law firms and chambers who want to help them ensure that the law is fair’.

This year, Wilson Solicitors LLP have teamed up with the Haringey Migrant Support Centre, a charity that helps some of the most vulnerable in our society.

For many years now and despite times of austerity Haringey Migrant Support Centre have been able to operate a weekly drop in service offering free advice on immigration, housing, benefits and welfare issues for migrants. They provide an invaluable service.  Wilson’s have for many years worked alongside HMSC and are pleased to be able to support them in this years’ London Legal Walk.


Should you wish to support us in raising funds for Legal Support Trust and Haringey Migrant Justice, please take a look at our fundraising page here.


Mark Gilmartin