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Profile of the week

Lesley and Linda

Our Position

We are part of the founding family of Wilsons. Lesley now works as the practice secretary and Linda is a secretary supporting the family department.

Our Week

This week we have been reminiscing, as we celebrate Wilsons 25 year anniversary. We joined the firm at the very beginning when there were only nine members of staff including ourselves, Andrew Wilson and Michael Hanley.

Wilson and Co was founded on the 1st October 1989 by Andrew Wilson and Michael Hanley. Our offices were located in Bruce Grove. Andrew sadly passed away on 29th July 2001. Andrew was a very well- known and respected practitioner in criminal law and was very much for the people and his staff. This is something we all continue to be motivated by today.

Wilsons is a place where the people are valued because it is the people who make the firm. Even as the firm grows the feeling that it is a family remains and we very much feel proud of our Wilsons family. In fact we can remember a couple of very nervous young men waiting for their interviews, some years ago, who went on to become trainees, qualified as solicitors at Wilsons and are today partners in our firm.

It is wonderful to see both individuals and the firm develop.  There have been lots of changes over the last 25 years. One of the first changes we implemented 25 years ago was introducing different colour coded files. It is something that still remains today!

It is a lovely place to work and we should know as we’ve been here 25 years. And we are not the only ones. We are also surrounded by colleagues who are reaching their own 10 years, 15 years and 20 years anniversaries with Wilsons.


While the ethos of Wilsons Solicitors has remained the same technology has not! We remember when we first started there was only one computer. We had to use typewriters with carbon paper attached. Then when we got computers we had to learn how to use them!

And we remember when we had our first fax machine. It was the most amazing piece of technology. We were so excited as Michael placed paper into the machine and with awe informed us all that is was now appearing in Ankara.


We will continue to fight for and believe in justice for all.