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International Surrogacy Seminar in London

Date posted: 6 March 2018

International Surrogacy Seminar in London: How to Plan Ahead



8 March 2018




  • Dr Bianca Jackson – Barrister, Coram Chambers.  Bianca is the head of the alternatives family practice group in chambers and has particular expertise in surrogacy law and legal parenthood.  She is highly knowledgeable about both the case law and the statutory provisions in this complex area of law and has lectured and published articles on the subject for The Family Law Week.  She appears regularly in the High Court when representing parents when making an application for a Parental Order.
  • Amna Khaliq – Family Partner and head of the Surrogacy and Adoption Team who advises clients on surrogacy and co-parenting arrangements.
  • Michael Hanley – Senior Partner, Wilson Solicitors LLP; immigration specialist at Wilsons Solicitors LLP.
  • Lucia Johnson – Family Solicitor at Wilsons Solicitors LLP who practices exclusively in the family law department and whilst interested in surrogacy and adoption law continues to work on a broad range of family law issues.


This surrogacy seminar in London is relevant for intended surrogate parents, Dr Bianca Jackson, Amna Khaliq, Lucia Johnson and Michael Hanley will provide an overview of the steps that intended parents should consider before embarking on a surrogacy arrangement.


They will speak about:


  • Surrogacy – the legal implications when entering into a surrogacy agreement in the UK.
  • How to choose an IVF clinic and the choices that are available to you.
  • There will also be a discussion of the positive conclusions that have been found through research when undergoing the surrogacy process.
  • How to get your UK passport and the immigration process.


What a Parental Order is, what steps you should take in order to be successful in your application




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The event is free to attend but please note that places are subject to availability.