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Our Areas

With a large team of lawyers we have individuals who specialise in particular areas of immigration law. We can ensure that your case is placed with the lawyer best equipped to deal with it.

We have expertise in all of the following;

  • Visiting the UK – for business or pleasure.
  • Marriage and civil partnership – with British citizens or others.
  • Children – joining parents.
  • Parents – needing to join children here.
  • Students – short term or long term.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs – and all business applications
  • Skilled workers – advising both employee and employer
  • Long residence in the UK – and all other applications for permanent stay
  • Refugees – and those needing humanitarian protection
  • Human rights – including medical cases and the right to private and family life
  • Deportation and removal – including emergency injunctions
  • Detention – including applications for bail
  •  European applications – for EEA nationals and their families
  • Human trafficking – assisting the victims
  • Regularising status – for those who have overstayed or are here illegally
  • Nationality – applying to become a British citizen
  • Appeals and Judicial Review – representing you in court.