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Help for EU nationals worried by Brexit

Date posted: 6 July 2016

Many EU nationals living in the UK are worried about their right to reside if the UK leaves the European Union.


To help people our Immigration Team have written a How To guide for EU nationals residing in the UK.


It explains how EU nationals may have acquired the right to reside permanently in the UK and how some EU nationals may be able to apply for British Citizenship. It explains why others may wish to apply for Registration Certificates to have their current right to reside confirmed. It has links to the relevant Home Office forms and Guidance.


Matthew Davies, a partner in the immigration department and author of the How To, says “ If you are worried about your future status in the UK there are various steps that you can take to either secure residence now or to put yourself in a stronger position for the future”.


Whilst the UK leaving the EU is not a certainty we hope that the How To guide will help EU nationals understand the steps they can take.


Here is a link to the How To