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Congratulations on Qualification

Date posted: 5 October 2016

Congratulations to Eleanor Simon, Ruth Budge and Hannah Watkins all of whom qualified as solicitors on 3rd October 2016.


Eleanor and Ruth qualify as solicitors in our immigration department and will continue their careers as immigration solicitors.


Hannah qualifies in public law and is pursuing her career as a public law specialist.


All three have trained in Wilsons and reflect the firm’s longstanding commitment to training and career development


Eleanor has been with us since September 2011 and was initially a civil biller and thereafter progressing to casework and her training contract.


Ruth has been with us since January 2013 as a caseworker and thereafter a trainee.


Hannah has been with us since March 2013 and was initially our first paralegal in public law.


We wish our newly qualified solicitors all the very best for their future careers. They will be outstanding adverts for the profession in general and legal aid practice in particular. They have each carried out excellent work and demonstrated incredible commitment to our clients.


We are delighted that all three are continuing their careers at Wilsons.