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Careers at Alexandra Park School

Date posted: 24 January 2020

Our Immigration Solicitor Daniel Merriman returned to his alma mater Alexandra Park School on Thursday to talk all things law and Wilsons at the local secondary school’s 2020 careers event.


Students from year 9 upwards attended and asked a range of questions about embarking on a career in law and the skills required in practising in the field of Immigration, Asylum and Human Rights.


Daniel said:


“It was great to meet so many enthusiastic students and engage with them at a time when decisions have to be made but many feel uncertain about future paths. By the end of school I had little idea how an interest in justice and human rights issues could manifest itself in a day job so it was good to put that into perspective and share my experience.

It was also interesting how often Calais and the camps in Europe came up as a reference point amongst the students with a burgeoning curiosity about what immigration law must entail.

The importance of finding an interesting, rewarding and ultimately enjoyable job was for me the most important piece of advice to impart. It was also fun to represent the firm alongside important community organisations such as the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and to catch up with some of my old teachers!”