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Visit the UK

Appendix V of the Immigration Rules set out specific requirements that need to be met by visitors to the UK. If you are a visa national, you will need, to satisfy an entry clearance officer abroad that you meet the … Continue reading

Contact your MP

On 1st April 2013 a number of areas of legal work were removed from the scope of legal aid. Since 1st April 2013 legal aid is no longer available for any aspect of immigration and nationality law and practice. If … Continue reading

Recover property from the police

  Introduction You are always entitled to your property back as long as it is not an exhibit, illegal or evidence in a case against you. The common problem is when are you entitled to get it back. Property retained by the Police … Continue reading

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Complain about the police

When can I complain? The police do not always get things right and you can complain if you have been personally affected by the police’s actions. You might have been the victim of the police’s actions or witnessed the police … Continue reading

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Chris McKendry

Chris read law at the University of Leeds and holds a Masters Degree in Public International Law from Kings College London. He joined the firm in 2009. Chris qualified as a solicitor in 2013 and was appointed partner in 2018. … Continue reading

Marcela Navarrete

Marcela studied English and French at the University of Sussex. She completed a Law conversion course and then completed her Legal Practice Course, passing both with distinction.. Marcela joined the firm in 2008 and qualified as a solicitor in 2010. … Continue reading