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Alex and Ali

Date posted: 11 November 2015

Wilson Solicitors is proud to be sponsoring the documentary  film Alex and Ali at this year’s Fringe! Film Festival. The film is showing on Saturday November 28th at 6.30pm.


The film tells the story of American Alex who visits Iran with the Peace Corps in 1967 where he meets Ali. The two quickly fall in love and spend a decade together in a secret relationship until Alex is forced to leave when the Islamic Revolution sweeps the nation. They stay in touch for 35 years but can never proclaim the love for each other in any letter, email or phone call. Director Malachi Leopold’s heart breaking documentary begins as his uncle Alex starts planning a reunion with his long lost lover on neutral ground in Istanbul. The film tells the story of an epic romance set against enormous political struggles, touching on themes as varied as immigration, the right to love, cultural differences and competing ideologies.


For more details and to book tickets visit the Fringe! Website here