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50,000 clients

Date posted: 15 September 2017

The firm has reached a memorable milestone with instructions received from our 50,000th client.


Senior partner Michael Hanley presents Mark Gilmartin with a congratulatory bottle of champagne for representing client number 50,000.


Our client file records stretch back to the establishment of the firm in October 1989.


The 50,000 individual clients which we have advised and represented over the last 28 years or so represent a very significant body of work of which everyone associated with the firm should be extremely proud.


The firm now specialises in immigration, family, public law, inquests, community care and seeking justice for victims of modern slavery.


However in the past we had a thriving criminal practice, led and motivated by our late founding partner Andrew Wilson. Significant work was also undertaken in housing, mental health and welfare benefit departments.


Nostalgically we have travelled back through the database to the very first recorded client and are delighted to see that he was a Somali, a fitting historical tribute to the particularly warm relationship that the firm has enjoyed with the Somali community.


Currently there are 46 solicitors and partners working in the firm, supported by 28 trainees and caseworkers. Over the years we have employed over 300 staff, who have variously moved on, but all of whom have significantly contributed to the impressive number of clients who have been so successfully represented.


Our approach to resolving legal problems is very much to work as a team with the individual client, empower the client and fight for justice. It is always the client’s case and we feel an immense privilege to bring our legal expertise to the client’s service.


It is also worth commenting that many of our 50,000 clients will have had multiple matters and a significant number will have returned over the years for representation and advice in connection with further aspects of their legal difficulties. This has been particularly a feature of our immigration work where many of our clients have come to the firm as newly arrived asylum seekers and we have acted for them throughout their journey, involving legal challenges to adverse decisions, securing protection status, renewing that status, dealing with family reunion and eventually leading to naturalisation as British citizens.


Seeing a client through to a positive final outcome is the most fantastic job satisfaction.


The vast majority of this work has been publicly funded and we remain passionately committed to the legal aid. Without legal aid, access to justice will be a figleaf.


We are excited by the continuing Wilsons story and look forward to acting for another 50,000!