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Public Law

We know that when you are on the wrong end of a government decision, be it national or local, you will feel confused, concerned, and anxious to know if the decision is lawful or not. Our public law department is here to help, and to seek redress for any loss you have suffered.


We have a wide range of experience in advising on the lawfulness of government decisions and bringing legal proceedings against government in order to ensure it acts within the law. Our team regularly brings proceedings for what is known as a Judicial Review of a government decision – where the court is asked to review whether a decision is lawful or not. We team up with some of the best barristers in the country to bring these challenges.


We have succeeded in winning substantial damages for individuals who have been the victims of unlawful government action. We have a particular reputation for bringing actions against the Home Office for the unlawful detention of individuals. We also advise on bringing actions against local authorities, the police and the prison service.

Bringing a challenge

We hold a Legal Aid Agency contract in public law so free legal aid may be available to you if you are on a very low income including where you are detained or imprisoned. If you are not eligible for legal aid we offer competitive private rates and can explore alternative funding options with you.

To discuss aspects of our work, or to obtain a quote for your case, email us: or call us on 020 8808 7535 .